Let’s face it. More often than not, our girlfriends put in more effort into picking out our (their boyfriends) gifts than we do picking out theirs. If we tallied up the time we spend per year picking them out a gift, we might not get even a day’s worth (24 hours) of time. Yet, if we tallied up the amount of hours our girlfriends spend per year picking out our gifts, they’d easily pass a day’s worth of time, and maybe even pass a week’s worth of time!

This doesn’t mean that our girlfriends care more about us than we do them, but… it does mean that we should pay particular attention to things that they really care about! For many – but not all – of our girlfriends, gifts are pretty important! Not only do they like the idea of receiving a popular product (like a new Burberry purse) for a gift, they like the fact that the gift is from the most! The real value of gifts for your girlfriend is not in the price of the purchased item. The real value comes from how much thought you have put into picking out the item. Thus, it is very important to put forth just as much effort – if not more – into picking out your girlfriend gifts as they do when picking out yours.

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