We’re going to keep this one short and sweet, because while you may think that a great gift is one that must think very hard about, this is not the case. A gift can be considered great for many reasons. Let’s list a few…

Reasons Why a Gift Be May Considered Great:

  • The gift is very expensive (few people can afford the gift). An example is a very fancy piece of jewelry.
  • The gift recognizes achievement (the gift reinforces positive feelings, such as achievement, in your partner). An example is a trophy or a plaque.
  • The gift is creative and/or unique (few people have the gift). An example is a self-painted portrait or a one-off (only made once) item.
  • The gift represents something, such as your dedication to your partner (the gift means more to you and your partner than to anybody else as it has “inside” meaning, meaning that only you and your partner recognize). An example is a “promise ring,” a ring that symbolizes your trust in, or dedication to, your partner.

As you now know, a gift can be great for various reasons. There is not one tried and true answer. Upon digging deeper into the reasons why a gift can be considered great, we realize something: all great gifts require a great deal of effort to produce. In terms of the very expensive gift, you worked many hours to afford it. In terms of a gift representing your dedication to your partner, you put forth much mental and physical effort to arrive and remain at that point in your relationship.

A great gift is not one that just costs a lot of money, or one that nobody else has. In reality, a great gift is one that requires a lot of effort on your part to create, as great gift is one that provides true value to your partner (whether that is value in money, value in affection, value in appreciation, or other forms).