OK, so you’ve already researched your girlfriend’s interests and purchased her the perfect gift. Now that you have given the gift to her, how do you tell if she likes what you got her? Here are three questions you can ask yourself to determine whether your girlfriend truly appreciates and likes her gift:

  1. How did she react when I gave her the gift?
  2. How often does she use or speak about her gift?
  3. Has she talked about other gifts that she would like?

Here’s how you can use your answers to these questions to tell if your girlfriend truly likes the gift you got her.

  1. If your girlfriend was very happy (sometimes even crying out of joy), she probably liked your gift. On the other hand, if she did not crack a smile, or was not the first one to speak (you spoke before she said “Thank you!” or “I love it!”), she may not have liked her gift. However, you should know that every girl is different in how they react to certain situations. Just because your girlfriend didn’t jump up and down thanking you for her gift does not mean that she did not like her gift. Some girls are less excited when they do like your gift than when they don’t. This may be due to the fact that when they don’t like their gift, they fake their happiness and pretend to like your gift out of courtesy for you (or for fear of you being upset).
  2. If your girlfriend uses her gift frequently or repeatedly mentions how much she likes it, she probably liked your gift. We say probably because, as mentioned above, girls are different in how they deal with certain situations. If you feel as though she mentions how much she likes your gift too often, then she may not actually like it. Pay attention to how and when she talks about her gift, and what she says about it. If she only uses her gift or speaks about it when you mention it, she may not like her gift.
  3. This is a dead giveaway to your girlfriend not liking her gift. The only reasons your girlfriend would be asking for another gift after you already gave her one is either your girlfriend is very materialistic (which can be good or bad), or she does not like the gift you gave her. She is likely in the former situation (she is materialistic) if after every gift – good or bad – she is always looking forward to the next gift. If you find it unusual for her to be speaking about another gift after she already received one from you, she may not be happy with the gift you got her.

If your answers to the three questions reveal that your girlfriend liked her gift, then congratulations! You did a good job and you should be proud of it. Now go and spend some time with your happy girlfriend!

But, what if she didn’t like her gift? What do you do next? Be on the lookout for the upcoming blog post “What Do I Do if My Girlfriend Didn’t Like Her Gift?” to learn from your minor error and improve your gift-picking abilities!